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Hey everyone,

I’ve managed to get my hands on a phone, will probably get caught but I wanted to give you a quick update and let you all know how I’m going.

To be honest, things aren’t good. I’ve had many complications and have not progressed much at all.

I’m still fighting but it’s a huge struggle both mentally and physically. I wish I had better news and could come back posting but I can’t and I can’t give up. I hope you all understand.

I miss you all and I love you for all your support,

Kardashifans xx


Please read  

First off, for those who celebrate it, I hope you had a wonderful Christmas. I’d also like to wish you all a happy new year and I hope 2014 is great to you all.

I know not long ago I said I would start posting more regularly and trust me I really want to and I would if I could however something’s have to come first.

I’m sad to let you all know that I have relapsed and currently in hospital under strict supervision. I’m being sneaky and stole my sisters phone to post this as I’m not allowed access to the computer.

Although it’s sad and as much as I don’t want to be here, there’s no denying this where I need to be if I want to have any chance of recovering.

I came to close to death this time and I don’t want that. I’m hurting myself and any chance of a future and kids but most importantly I want to stop hurting the ones I love and having them worry about me 24/7.

I’m extremely sorry for not posting and saying i would so something and then not doing it. However, I am not at all sorry for putting my health first.

I hope you understand and if you don’t, unfollow me because I don’t want someone following me who doesn’t want me to get better.

I’ll try to keep you updated with how I’m doing as much as I can and I will be back so don’t worry.

With best wishes and love always,

Kardashifans x